mozilla searchplugins

As it happens most of the time I started messing around with Firefox searchplugins when I needed some I couldn't find. It's not that big a collection, but it nicely adds to the already existing buttons.

whois queryExtended whois with loads of data output using Domain Dossier.install
RIPE queryProvides you with some information about an ip address using the RIPE db.install
ssn-SucheSearch for news on stern shortnews, Europe's biggest news community.install
seo-linksCheck your Google backlinks and the anchor text used in those backlinks (enter URLs without 'http://www.').install
PLZ-SucheEnter a German zip code and find out which city/area it points to.install
Ort-SucheSearch for German cities and find phone and zip codes.install
Vorwahl-SucheEnter a German area code and find out which city/area it points to.install
BLZ-SucheEnter a German bank code and find out which institute it belongs to.install
AnonymouseGet an anonymized/proxied view of a certain website.install
PHP functionsLook up functions in the PHP online manual.install
variomedia domain checkChecks if a given domain can be registerred at variomedia (requires plain domain name without 'www.' and TLD).install

That's how your search list will look like when you add some of those plugins:

Search Engine Ordering - an extension that allows removing search plugins as well as sorting them in alphabetical or user defined order.